My name is Doreen Skonier, I am a Certified Functional Medicine health coach.

Functional Medicine is a holistic approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Each symptom or differential diagnosis may be one of many contributing to an individual’s illness.

There are many factors that expose someone to a chronic disease ranging from environmental factors, certain food choices, unfiltered water, and even in medications that more often have many side effects. So often we receive a misconception from different media on the things that we need when it comes to different foods. Some other information that we were provided when going to school did have some misleading ideas of the 4 basic food groups that were considered healthy at the time. While food is a medicine, not all foods are created equal. Some foods are considered traditional holiday meals or food and drinks for socializing.

There are various forms of exercise which I don’t consider one more dominant than another. The idea behind physical movement is choosing an exercise that you would enjoy doing for a long time without getting bored with the routine, whether you are a mountain climber, a hiker, a marathon runner, athlete, skier, skater, yoga master, or a Zumba dancer, whatever brings you the most joy is the path to take.

Before starting the physical movement, it often helps to have the gut in health condition because this will determine one’s point of strength when it comes to good nutrition, for being able to build physical strength, emotional strength, and spiritual strength. More often than not, what is behind chronic health conditions is certain deficiencies in specific minerals and nutrients which are the building blocks to our immune system that would help us to fight infections, While a plant when it receives proper soil and nutrients for growth and to stay healthy.

So while we might be living very busy lives, our first priority should be self care to prevent burnout, disruption to our work/life balance and over all long term chronic diseases.

The reason why I decided to take the path in exploring the area of Functional Medicine was to address the person using a holistic approach where every area of our health when it comes to mind, body, spirit, and emotional well being. I was tired of always not having enough energy to do all the tasks that I wanted to accomplish, tired of the typical routine treatment of Type 2 diabetes, the roller coaster ride of going between different health coachs, different medications and their side effects, the temporary bursts of energy from the caffeine, excessive amount of sugar, and other short term energy boosters.

Through this long journey, I ended up finding natural energy and another form of physical therapy that would interest the chiropractic community known as neuron-kinetic therapy that literally brought me back on my feet again.

If you are a hardworking individual who would like to get your energy back, want less disruption to your life, and would like to be in charge of your life instead of Type 2 diabetes controlling you, please feel free to contact me.